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Toppan USA, Inc.


Toppan USA, Inc.

603 Rehoboth Road
Griffin, GA 30224 | View on Google Maps
(770) 467-5900 | fax: (770) 467-5905

Parent Company, Subsidiaries, Divisions:
・Parent company: Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. (Japan)  
・Subsidiary: Pouchfill Packaging, LLC. (Daytona, FL)

Business Description: Toppan USA, Inc. is a Georgia, USA based subsidiary of Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. in Japan, the largest printing company in the world. Established in 2016, Toppan USA, Inc. produces and sells the world’s leading transparent barrier film GL BARRIER FILM.

Products / Services / Brands: GL FILM consists of a base layer (PET, OPA, etc.), an inorganic vapor deposition layer (alumina, silica, etc.), and a barrier coat layer. The multi-layer structure combining a proprietary coat layer and high quality vapor deposition layer facilitates lamination and ensures stable barrier performance.
As a top brand in the transparent barrier film market, GL FILM is currently used for approximately 15,000 products in around 45 countries and regions thanks to a wealth of variations suited to different purposes and the world’s highest level barrier performance, achieved using original vapor deposition technology.

Capabilities: Production of various grades of transparent barrier films for food & beverage, healthcare, medical, industrial materials, electronics and many other applications.

Key Sales Contact:
Shin Kukita
3601 Algonquin Rd. Suite 625
Rolling Meadows, IL
Phone: 224-735-2005
Fax: 224-735-3632
E-mail: [email protected]
Member Since: 2017

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