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Tokuden, Inc.


Tokuden, Inc.

2909 Langford Rd.
Ste. A-100
Norcross, GA 30071 | View on Google Maps
(770) 449-3625 | fax: 770-449-3742

Parent Company: Tokuden Co., Ltd., Kyoto, Japan 

Business Description:
In 1964, Tokuden invented and commercialized the first induction heated roll and now specializes in manufacturing energy-efficient and environmentally clean Induction Heated Jacket Rolls for use in high-precision thermal processes including laminating, coating, calendering, thermal drawing, and heat setting for high-quality films, nonwoven fabrics, paper, plastics and many other materials. Since we custom design all rolls to meet the client’s specific needs, Tokuden assists in delivering greater productivity and efficiency.

More recently, Tokuden introduced a Superheated Steam Generator (UPSS) capable of reaching temperatures of 1200ºC. We have a demo unit in our Metro Atlanta facility where customers can run trials on their products.

Products / Services / Brands:
Induction Heated Jacket Roll
Air-Cooled Hybrid Roll
Utility Power SuperSteamer (UPSS)

Key Sales Contact:
Michael C. Rice
2909 Langford Rd., A-100
Norcross, GA 30071 
Phone: 770-449-3625
Fax: 770-449-3742
E-mail: [email protected]
Member Since: 2020

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