Adhesives Research, Inc.

Adhesives Research, Inc.


Adhesives Research, Inc.

400 Seaks Run Road
Glen Rock, PA 17327 | View on Google Maps
(717) 235-7979 | fax: (717) 235-8320

Parent Company/Subsidiaries/Divisions:
Adhesives Research

Business Description: Adhesives Research is a leading developer and manufacturer of high performance, customized adhesives, tapes, specialty films, coatings, laminates and release liners. For over 50 years Adhesives Research has offered custom solutions in adhesive polymerization, mixing, coating, and release liner design. Adhesives Research’s diverse technologies are used around the world in electronics, medical, pharmaceutical, industrial, and splicing applications.

Products: Specialized adhesives, films, tapes and release liners.

Brands: ARclad® High-Performance Splicing, Industrial, and Electronics tapes.
ARclear® and ARclean® tapes for sensitive electronics applications.
ARcare® custom tapes for medical, pharmaceutical, and electronics applications.
ARflow® hydrophilic tapes.

Capabilities: Custom polymer synthesis, adhesive mixing and compounding, coating, release liner design, slitting and packaging.

Key Sales Contact 1:
Bonnie Richter
Product Manager
Adhesives Research, Inc.
Phone: 614-403-7477
Fax: 717-227-8275
Email: [email protected]

Key Sales Contact 2:
Deepak Hariharan
Director of Marketing and Growth
Phone: 717-227-3447
Fax: 717-227-8275
Email: [email protected]

Key Sales Contact 3:
Brad Zechman
North America Sales Director
Adhesives Research, Inc.
Phone: 717-227-3211
Fax: 717-235-8320
Email: [email protected]
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