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Business Description: NovaCentrix has been providing advanced materials and application solutions for 10 years, with roots as an early nanomaterials provider. Today the company carries forward that tradition, shipping state of the art conductive inks and manufacturing equipment to the solar and printed electronics industries, including for application in next-generation displays, RFID, batteries, ultra-capacitors, and flexible circuits.

-PulseForge® tools dry, sinter, and anneal functional thin films at high temperatures on low-temperature and flexible substrates. Roll-to-roll speeds of 300 meters/minute and greater are possible.
-Metalon® conductive inks deliver high conductivity performance at well below industry-standard pricing. Copper and silver formulations are available, including for inkjet. Preloaded cartridges for low-cost printers are available.
-Novele™ substrates offer excellent ink compatibility at low cost.

Capabilities: NovaCentrix provides access to our Applications Lab, including a full set of PulseForge tools, inks, and printers, for customer development work. We also offer lease and purchase programs to make tool access as easy as possible. NovaCentrix routinely develops custom ink formulations optimized for conductivity, adhesion to specific substrates, and cost.

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Stan Farnsworth
400 Parker Drive, Suite 1110
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