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Polymer Science, Inc.

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Business Description: Polymer Science, Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified global manufacturer and custom web coater of advanced materials for the medical and electronics industries. Polymer Science, Inc. has been coating materials since 1998. Our strengths include high quality products, strong technical support and commitment to our customers .Our diverse team of engineers and technical staff, along with our state of the art equipment, provide the capabilities necessary to develop a quality custom adhesive or coated material consistent with application requirements from anywhere in the world.

Polymer Science offers many adhesive options for use in the medical device and wound care industries. P-DERM® adhesive materials include acrylics, hydrogels, and silicone gels, which can be utilized for a variety of skin-contact applications.

Our P-THERM® line of thermal interface materials offers solutions for electronic designs that require consistent thermal conductivity increasing the reliability and long service life of a component. Materials are available with a range of thermal conductivities. Solid materials are supplied on rolls or in sheets for maximum material yield. Putty, dispensable and solid forms are also available.

Polymer Science also offers a large range of P-SHIELD® EMI shielding and grounding materials. These materials are used in electronics assemblies to prevent or restrict electromagnetic interference. The product offering includes conductive fabric, foam, foil and film tapes. Various conductive double-coated tapes and transfer adhesives are also available. P-SHIELD® materials are available in a wide range of thicknesses and are supplied on rolls, ready to be converted for the final application.

Products: Silicone gel, acrylics, hydrogels, hydrophilic coatings, urethanes, gap fillers, heat spreaders, phase change, dielectric pads, electromagnetic wave absorbers, fabric tapes, foam tapes, film tapes, foil tapes, and transfer adhesives.

Capabilities: Coating, Perforation, Slitting.

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2577 S Freeman Road
Monticello, IN 47960
Phone: 574-583-3751
Fax: 574-583-3984
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