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Precision Coatings Inc.

8120 Goldie St
Walled Lake, Michigan 48390 | View on Google Maps
(800) 521-8380 | fax: (248) 363-8413
Parent Company/Subsidiaries/Divisions: Rich Engineering, Inc.

Business Description: Precision Coatings Inc. (PCI) has been manufacturing high quality coated flexible substrates since 1969. PCI provides custom tailored coating, formulating and processing solutions to meet the unique needs of customer's demanding product requirements. Our Walled Lake, Michigan manufacturing facility operates under a sophisticated quality management system, has analytical testing resources, clean room manufacturing to class 5,000 and a thermal solvent incineration system for all lines. Three (3) coaters with widths up to 74" (72" coat width) utilize various coating technologies such as slot die, wire wound rod (Mayer rod) and reverse gravure methods to apply functional and aesthetic coatings using both water and solvent based formulas. PCI has experience handling numerous types of flexible substrates, such as films, foils, and fabrics. A complete R&D lab provides a wide array of support for new developments and a 22" pilot coater is used to help assure a smooth transition to commercialization.

Products: PCI has serviced a wide variety of markets over the years including: architectural / engineering, automotive, electronics, digital imaging/graphic arts, medical, alternative energy, food processing, and various proprietary / specialty. PCI coating technologies include adhesive, optical, print receptive, protective, resistant, and other specialty. Products within these technology platforms include pressure sensitive, repositionable, optically clear, inkjet, matte, diffusion, xerographic, hard coats, dry erase, and various resistant films (anti-fog/glare, anti-graffiti, anti-microbial). PCI's branded Laser Point II® carbon black laser ablation film is used in the flexographic market as a "green" alternative to silver halide film when producing analog printing plates. Please contact us or see our website for a more complete list and other details.

Capabilities: In addition to the PCI equipment described above, our converting department is able to slit, interleaf, sheet, and package most flexible substrates. Laminating is also available and done in-line on all coating machines.

Key Sales Contact 1:
Steve Sedlak
Sales Manager
Phone: 800-521-8380 ext. 400
Email: [email protected]

Key Sales Contact 2:
Tammy Spencer
Customer Service Manager
Phone: 800-521-8380 ext. 307
Fax: 248-363-8413
Email: [email protected]

Key Sales Contact 3:
Drew Rich
Business Manager
Phone: 800-521-8380 ext. 324
Email: [email protected]  
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