?Metalizing Ultra-Thin Polymer Film for Capacitor Applications

Metalizing Ultra-Thin Polymer Film for Capacitor Applications

Anye Chifen

Ultra-Thin Polymer Film(UTPF) are used in a wide range of applications where their smaller physical size than other filmic material capacitors makes them ideal for miniaturization of devices such as handheld devices, wearbles, etc. Film capacitor selection is extremely important to achieve the best voltage and current-carrying capability for high end applications such as for DC link capacitors. The capacitor manufacturer can utilize various combinations of dielectric materials and terminations in the construction of each type of capacitor. However, the size and weight of the material is important for the capacitance, as an important criteria. This has been achieved, by down-gauging the dielectric material. UTPF are being metallized for the production of high end capacitors, especially for applications whereby dc-link capacitors are indispensible. ULVAC's solution to metalize these very thin film in the industry will be presented to show the importance of machine's productivity and maximum performance, so as to achieve the final product reliability. These metallized products are required for demanding capacitor applications in the electronic industry.