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Business Description: As the world’s largest adhesive and coatings manufacturer, Henkel creates advantage for customers with our line of solvent-borne solution, 100% solids, hot melt adhesives, and liquid emulsion. Products are based on polyurethane, acrylic, rubber ethylene vinyl acetate, epoxy, polyvinyl acetate, starch, and dextrin chemistries.

Henkel’s Laminating and Pressure Sensitive Adhesives teams offer innovation, application expertise, quality and consistency, and global security of supply. Innovation is at the heart of the value we create for our customers.

Flexible Packaging continues to replace rigid packaging, cans and paper containers. With increasingly demanding applications and more restrictive regulations, coatings and adhesives for flexible laminates must meet the highest standards of performance and versatility. Henkel’s Loctite® Liofol® products are your best choice for quality, safety, and performance.

Henkel’s Pressure Sensitive Adhesives team offers innovation, application expertise, quality, consistency, and global security of supply. Innovation is at the heart of the value we create for every customer. Henkel’s broad portfolio of pressure sensitive adhesives is backed by technical and application expertise that helps you innovate and grow. With decades of experience in pressure sensitive adhesive applications, Henkel is well aware of the precision needed to produce reliable, safe, and effective products. Coordination of the global team and Henkel’s leadership position in procurement of raw materials ensures reliable consistency of supply.

Loctite® Liofol® adhesives with Smart Cure™ technology and a Globally Clean product range enables a fast cure while providing a safe laminate for food packaging. Loctite® Liofol® heat seal and cold seal technologies provides peelable and safe seals for a myriad of food and medical applications in water, solvent or extrudable systems. Henkel’s Loctite® Liofol® overprint varnishes enable proper protection for your new packaging design. Henkel manufactures waterbased, solventbased and 100% solids materials. We are specialist in urethane, acrylic, vinyl acetate, casein, neoprene, and styrene butadiene chemistries. Our line of DURO-TAK® pressure sensitive adhesives can help grow your business in tapes, graphics, and label products. Loctite® Liofol® Adhesives and Coatings for Flexible Packaging cover all special solutions from standard applications to sophisticated laminates that meet the highest standards of bonding performance, barrier properties and versatility.

• Loctite® Liofol® Smart Cure™ technology for improved cure speed and food safety
• Loctite® Liofol® Solventbased adhesives for industrial and technical laminations including PV backsheet laminations and solar window film laminations
• Loctite® Liofol® Waterbased laminating adhesives
• Loctite® Liofol® Solventbased, waterbased, and extrusion heat seals
• DURO-TAK® and GELVA GMS Solvent acrylic products are high performance adhesives designed to meet demanding applications in graphics and tapes.
• DURO-TAK® R Solution rubber resins stand up to demanding industrial applications that require high tack with a balance of adhesion and holding properties.
• TECHNOMELT® PS hot melt adhesives are designed to optimize coater line speed in labels and other applications requiring high tack.
• DURO-TAK® UV HOT MELT products are cross-linked by exposure to ultraviolet light and offer 100% solids alternative to conventional solution acrylics.
• AQUENCE PS® and GELVA GME waterbased emulsions deliver excellent coater quality and consistency with tailored performance for graphics and labelling end uses.

Key Sales Contact:
Steve Hepp
Technical Director LIOFOL®
Phone: 847-815-7680
Email: [email protected]  

Key Sales Contact:
Susan Alford
Henkel Corporation
Phone: 919-319-1933 Ext. 201
Fax: 919-467-9042
Email: [email protected]  
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