1225 West Burnett Avenue
Louisville, KY 40210
(215) 495-3282

Parent Company: Centre Lane Partners - PE Sponsor

Business Description: Leadership in Materials Solutions With decades of manufacturing expertise and a proven management team, LLFlex continues its growth trajectory as a global leader in high-performance metals-based laminates for packaging and industrial solutions in the wire & cable, construction and tobacco markets.

Products/Services/Brands: Packaging Materials and Industrial Laminate Solutions in the Wire & Cable, Building & Construction, Consumer, Promotional, Healthcare and Tobacco packaging markets.

Capabilities: Laminating, slitting, processing of film, foil and paper substrates.

Key Sales Contact:
Kelley Stearman, Business Director
1225 West Burnett Avenue
Louisville, KY 40210
Phone: 1-804-338-2384
Email: [email protected]
Member Since: 2019

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