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Taghleef Industries Inc.


Taghleef Industries Inc.

500 Creek View Road
Suite 301
Newark, DE 19711 | View on Google Maps

Taghleef Industries
2751 Centerville Road,
Suite # 400
Wilmington DE 19808

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Parent Company:
Taghleef Industries LLC - Dubai

Taghleef Industries LLC – USA.
Taghleef Industries SAE - Egypt.
Taghleef Industries SAOG - Oman.
Taghleef Industries Pty Ltd - Australia.
Taghleef Industries - Asia-Pacific, Shanghai, China.
Taghleef Industries SpA - Italy.
Taghleef Industries Kft - Hungary.
Taghleef Industries GmbH - Germany

Business Description: Taghleef Industries (Ti) is a leading manufacturer of BoPP, BoPLA and CPP films.  Ti is headquartered in Dubai with operations and offices in the USA, Middle East, Africa, Australia, Europe and China.  Ti produces 410 kt/year of highest quality BoPP films.

Our commitment is to meet the needs of our customers and serve our target markets through the application of our advanced polymer technology, world class manufacturing capabilities, and unmatched service organization.  We seek to deliver unmatched supply chain value to our customers.

Ti provides technology for flexible packaging, product labeling, food packaging, graphic media, building products, tape, tobacco, overwrap, and other markets.  We are able to take part of such a wide variety of markets due to our ability to react to market needs and provide our customers with a wide range of OPP film products of varying thicknesses and performance characteristics.

Products: Our product range includes BoPP, BoPLA and CPP films:
- Transparent coextruded and plain
- Solid white and white voided opaque
- Metallized
- Barrier
- Biopolymers

Compostable and Biodegradable Range Films
More recently Ti has also announced the introduction of its new range of compostable and bio-based BoPLA Films: NATIVIA™. This demonstrates the commitmentTi has towards the future of the BoPP/BoPLA market and in particular to addressing the issues relating to sustainability. 

Key Sales Contact:
Ben Tuttle
Sales Manager
Phone: +1 302 326-5706
Fax: +1 302 326-5505
Email: [email protected]

Key Business Contact:
Brendan McNulty
Business Director
Phone: +1 302 326-5639
Fax: +1 302 326-5661
Email: [email protected]

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