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Vast Films, Ltd.

13525 Youngstown/Pittsburgh Road
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724-683-2814 | fax: 724-667-1608

Business Description: VAST FILMS, Ltd. is the leading supplier for selectively metalized films used in a wide variety of applications ranging from Microwave Susceptor Packaging to Security and Flexible Electronics. Our unique technology provides feature resolution as small as 25µm and halftone resolution of more than 300 lpi.

VAST FILMS, Ltd. uses thermal as well as electron beam evaporation and offers a wide range of materials that can be deposited on flexible substrates, including aluminum, copper, silver, refractory metals, HRI coatings for transparent holograms, and multilayer coatings.

Small scale and R&D quantities are as welcome as large scale production runs. Our team represents decades of experience in vacuum metallization and Roll to Roll (R2R) coating services.

Products: Pattern Metallized Films (PET, PE, oPP and others) for
- Microwave Susceptors
- Flexible Electronics
- Medical Applications
- Decorative Packaging
- Security Packaging
- RFID antenna's and Window Pouches

Metallized Films (any flexible Substrate from 5µm to 250µm)

-Metallizing by thermal evaporation up to 96" wide
-Metallizing by electron beam evaporation up to 39" wide
-Pattern metallizing / de metallizing up to 39" wide
-2 station Flexographic coating / printing up to 51" wide
-Rewind slitting from 62" wide to < 1" wide

Key Sales Contact #1:
Carl Finsted
Phone: 724-683-2814
Email: [email protected]

Key Sales Contact #2:
Laurence Holden
Phone: 609-433-0372
Email: [email protected]

Key Sales Contact #3:
Jeff Ragazzini
Phone: 724-774-4210
Email: [email protected]

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