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Celplast Metallized Products

67 Commander Blvd., Unit 4
Toronto, Ontario M1S 3M7 | View on Google Maps
(800) 866-0059 | fax: (416) 293-9198

Parent Company/Subsidiaries/Divisions: EBG Limited, Celplast Metallized Products

Business Description: Providing the converting industry's best customer service. Celplast vacuum metallizes and top-coats varied flexible substrates to achieve foil-type barrier and high bond strengths in flexible packaging and industrial applications.

Products: Evaporative aluminum metallizing on OPP, PET, nylon, CPP, PE and other plastic substrates.
High barrier metallized solutions include: FOILMET® for foil replacement, SUPERMET™ and ULTRAMET® high metal adhesion metallized PET and ZONEMET® for custom stripe metallized designs.
New in-line top-coated and metallized films provide highest barrier properties on a wide range of films that can allow for innovative packaging formats and recyclable solutions with DURAMET® top-coated films.
REFLECT-MET® top-coated metallized films serve the reflective insulation market with low emissivity and corrosion resistant properties.
Transparent barrier films include CERAMIS™ high barrier clear silicon oxide-coated PET, OPP and nylon films and Camclear® high barrier AlOx coated PET for a more environmentally friendly alternative to PVDC.
Sustainable film solutions include ENVIROMET® (metallized PLA), and layer elimination solutions such as CEL-MET® Sealant and O2 Barrier Sealant. 

Capabilities: Evaporative aluminum metallizing for high barrier and high metal adhesion on a variety of plastic film substrates as well as biopolymer metallizing up to 98" wide. Stripe metallizing and industry-leading optical density control. Slitting sensitive films up to 110" wide. Capable of testing WVTR, OTR, Metal Adhesion, Emissivity, Corrosion, Scuff Resistance and Benchtop Laminating in our state-of-the-art R&D Lab. We are the only company in the world with a commercial Metacoat™ process, able to metallize and top-coat webs in one pass up to 98” wide.

Key Sales Contact 1:
Jim Lush
Sales Manager
Phone: 416-293-4330 ext. 235
Fax: 416-293-9198
Email: [email protected]

Key Sales Contact 2:
Dante Ferrari
Phone: 416-293-4330 ext. 256
Fax: 416-293-9198
Email: [email protected]

Key Sales Contact 3:
Veronica Ataya
Business Development Engineer - Latin American and Midwest & Western USA & Western Canada
Phone: 416-293-4330 ext. 238
Fax: 416-293-9198
Email: [email protected]
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