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Parent Company/Subsidiaries/Divisions:
Davis-Standard, LLC - Pawcatuck, CT
Davis-Standard, LLC - Somerset, NJ
Davis-Standard, LLC - Gloucester, MA
ER-WE-PA GmbH - Erkrath/Dusseldorf
Davis-Standard (Suzhou) Plastic Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.– Suzhou, China
DS Brookes Limited– West Midlands, UK
Circonix Technologies – Ringwood, NJ

Business Description:  Davis-Standard, LLC designs, manufactures, installs and services a wide range of equipment including liquid and extrusion coating systems and solutions for the flexible web converting and the plastics processing industries worldwide. Some of the markets served include: medical, adhesive coated tapes and labels, pre-coated convenience products, imaging products, window protection, ink jet, photographic, solar, battery, metalized, filtration, carbonless, flexible packaging for food and healthcare products, plastic films for consumer and industrial applications and plastic resin production. Davis-Standard also has the experience and knowledge for difficult and demanding processes such as fluoropolymers, biopolymers, and barrier resins addressing a range of end markets applications such as photovoltaics, aerospace, high-definition display technology, biodegradable packaging and surface protecting films. Davis-Standard focuses on ways to improve efficiency, and reduce energy consumption  and it supplies technologically advanced solutions to the industry, providing exceptional value to its customers.

Circonix Technologies, a division of Davis-Standard, LLC specializes in the integration of advanced drive, control, and mechanical systems used in the web coating and converting industry. Circonix Technologies focuses on the modification and integration of drives and controls with new and upgraded machine components into existing coating and converting production lines to enhance performance and add new capabilities to existing equipment. This unique UEM (Used Equipment reManufacturer) concept uses a combination of used, refurbished, upgraded, and new web coating and converting equipment to produce like-new Web Converting Machinery. Circonix Technologies give coaters and converters one place to go for a complete, vertically integrated source for upgrading their production lines including design, procurement, programing, fabrication, installation, commissioning, and startup.

Products: Complete solution coating and laminating lines tailored to meet specific product requirements; coaters with an extensive range of standard and custom coating head configurations provide the flexibility to apply a wide range of coatings to achieve unique goals; laminators; dryers of the modular or integral design, floatation or roll support; PGH (pressurized gravure head); Steamex moisturizing system; CAS (coating air separation system) removes air bubbles from fluids resulting in a higher quality product and reducing production costs; Integrator PRO supervisory control system provides an intuitive, operator-friendly and fully digital control set to keep process parameters on target; unwinds and winders ensure converters run faster and still produce the highest quality product possible; splicers; roll changers; slitter rewinders; rebuilds; upgrades of drives and control systems for greater control range and less maintenance; turnkey installations. Circonix products include: SplicePro - advanced splicing control system; ExtrusionPro - Extrusion control system designed as replacement for older OEM systems; EEPA - Equipment Evaluation and Performance Audit; PowerPlant - Advanced supervisory control system; ProCare - Comprehensive support package. Davis-Standard also provides extruders and extrusion processing equipment for blown film, blow molding, cast film, compounding and pelletizing, elastomer, extrusion coating and laminating, fiber, laboratory, pipe, profile and tubing, reclaim, sheet, wire and cable, and wood fiber applications.

Capabilities: Davis-Standard’s Research & Technical Center in Fulton, NY houses a Tandem Coating Laboratory capable of operating speeds up to 3000 FPM (914 MPM) and widths up to 36 inches (914 mm). The coating labs are equipped with cartridge style coaters capable of more than fifty coating configurations including variations of the following: 5 roll, hot melt, gravure, slot die, reverse roll, rod, air knife, smooth roll transfer, curtain coater, dip and squeeze wet bond or dry bond lamination and heat bond lamination. Newly designed coaters and modules can be added to meet customer’s needs. Davis-Standard also houses a Pelletizing and Plastics Compounding Laboratory, a Coextrusion Laboratory for cast embossed and flat films and extrusion coating, and a Continuous Unwind and Winding Laboratory in Fulton, NY. A clean room medical tubing laboratory, a four extruder development coex sheet line and a single screw extrusion laboratory are located in Pawcatuck, CT. Davis-Standard provides state-of-the-art equipment and process knowledgeable personnel to assist you in testing new processes, developing new products and producing material for field testing or market introduction.

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