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Vacuum Deposition onto Webs, Films and Foils - Dr. Charles Bishop
This updated third edition provides a broad audience of engineers, technicians, and production managers with an end-to-end understanding of roll-to-roll vacuum deposition systems, processes, and products, and includes a significant amount of new information on recent developments in barrier measurement techniques, improved in-vacuum monitoring technologies, and the latest in atomic layer deposition.
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Web Machine Buying Guide - Designing For, Installing and Maintaining Web Equipment - Dr. David Roisum
Written by one of the world’s leading web handling expert and experienced machine designer along with a team of specialists, this hands-on book offers a step-by-step approach to investing in, acquiring and starting up web machinery. It is designed to assist plant-based personnel in the costing and planning of major machinery investment with a rigorous analysis of what needs to be done to acquire or replace equipment with minimal expense and maximum long-term efficiency, no matter what types of webs are being handled. The book ranges over the entire spectrum of machine buying from dealing with salespeople to the technical details of machinery design, contract formulation, financing and maintenance. Numerous case studies illustrate strategies to follow—and avoid—in purchasing standard, as well as custom designed, web machines.
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Winding: Machines, Mechanics and Measurement - Dr. David Roisum, James Good
Complete guide to all winder mechanical arrangements and control stategies; Practical and theoretical know-how for predicting and avoiding roll defects; Quantitative techniques for measuring and improving roll quality; Accompanying CD-ROM provides computer models for many winding situations.
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2016 WCHC Europe (Non-Member) Download
Conference Proceedings

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