Dyna-Tech Adhesives, Inc.

Dyna-Tech Adhesives, Inc.


Dyna-Tech Adhesives, Inc.

2071 Country Club Road
PO Box 628
Grafton, WV 26354 | View on Google Maps
304-265-5200 | fax: 304-265-5202

Parent Company, Subsidiaries, Divisions: Division of Rex-Hide Industries, headquartered in Tyler, Texas

Business Description:
Dyna-tech Adhesives, Inc. manufactures water based adhesives and coatings, hot melt adhesives, advanced resin dispersions, and energy curable coatings and adhesives.

Products / Services / Brands:
Techcryl, DyTac, and DyCross water-based pressure sensitive adhesives
DynaHM hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives
CoStick cohesives
Flextac and SureBond water based packaging adhesives
DynaLoc bottle labeling adhesives
Enerdyne UV curable adhesives
DynaCoat water-based, EB and UV curable coatings
DynaPrime water-based and UV curable primers
SureTac resin dispersion tackifiers

Capabilities: Full line of products for the Tape and Label, Packaging, Product Assembly and Resin Dispersion markets.
In-house resin emulsion manufacturing and formulation for unique product performance and / or product characteristics (tint, UL, flame retardant, etc.)
Custom formulate products for specific product performance and processing requirements
Custom rheology formulation that offers unmatched ability for product coating on all coating process types.
Toll manufacturing for a broad range of product technologies.

Key Contact for Sales:
David Allen
Route 310, N. Country Club Road
P O Box 628
Grafton, West Virginia 26354
Phone: 304-265-6180
Email: [email protected]
Member Since: 2013

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