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NDC Technologies

8001 Technology Boulevard
Dayton, Ohio 45341 | View on Google Maps
937-233-9935 | fax: 937-233-7284

Parent Company, Subsidiaries, Divisions: Spectris

Business Description: NDC Technologies is a leading global provider of precision measurement and control solutions for the coating, laminating and converting industries. We have over 50,000 gauges and 30,000 web gauging systems installed worldwide across a wide range of manufacturers. And, NDC leads the way for Industry 4.0 with data integration and direct connectivity down to the sensor level.

With the widest range of web gauging and control technologies available in the industry, NDC can provide the exact measurement solution for your unique application, so you can produce higher quality products, increase productivity, boost process efficiency and realize significant production savings. Contact us today with your most challenging application.

Products / Services / Brands:
Inspection Systems: Laser, Optical
Process Measurement Equipment: Film Thickness, Coat Weight, Coating Thickness, Lamination, Moisture, Surface Defect Inspection, Length, Speed, Tension
Quality Measurement Equipment: Infrared, Beta, Laser, Gamma, X-Ray, Optical, Laser
Controls: Machine Direction, Cross Direction, Motion, Speed
Reporting: Quality, Process Analysis

Brands: AccuTrak, MiniTrak, SlimTrak, Pro.Net, 8000TDi, 8000-SLIM, OptiMike, MiniFlex, FilmPro, ConvertIR, iView, D-BRIC, Beta LaserMike, LaserSpeed Pro

Industries: Extrusion, Converting, Calendering and Nonwovens Measurements: Basis weight, Thickness, Coat Weight, Barrier Layers, Moisture, Length, Speed, Application-Specific Measurements
Controls: Machine Direction, Advanced Profile Controls, Application-Specific Controls
Process Visibility: Process Analysis, Quality Reporting, Industry 4.0 Data Integration

Key Sales Contact:
NDC Technologies
8001 Technology Blvd
Dayton, Ohio 45424
Phone: +1 937 233 9935
Email: [email protected]
Member Since: 2003

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