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2/12/2018 Member News
OLBRICH GmbH Expands Innovative Coating Technologies At Its Technical Center

OLBRICH GmbH Expands Innovative Coating Technologies At Its Technical Center

OLBRICH GmbH is expanding its already more than extensive range of available coating technologies in its technical center in Bocholt, Germany.

The coating specialist starts with its newly available dual-layer, slot die from Nordson EDI exactly where many ideas could not be implemented until now due to low process speeds. Many products do not obtain their final characteristics from just a single coating. Therefore, it is often coated, dried or hardened, cooled sequentially and then again coated, step by step until the finished product is obtained.

With the new Nordson EDI dual-layer slot die with a coating width from 500 to 1,050 mm, OLBRICH now offers completely new possibilities. The experience of wet-in-wet coating with the aid of slide-curtain technology, which has been positive for decades, can be raised to a completely new level with the aid of the dual-layer coating die for completely new fields of application and wider process windows.

The slide curtain requires a minimum web velocity and film thickness for its reliable operation. Products such as decorative foils, tapes or special inkjet papers can often be produced industrially but not at the speeds required to meet the demands of a stable curtain.

This restriction prevents the broad commercialization of this technology. With the new dual-layer die in the OLBRICH technical center, the high speed requirements of the classic slide curtain have now been removed from the list of requirements.

Dual layer wet-in-wet products with, for instance, 10-µm and 30-µm coating thickness and only a few mpm process speeds, can now be presented.

The advantages of the slot-die technology such as a higher applicable viscosity, and thus often also a higher content of solids in the coating medium, stay fully preserved with the dual-layer slot die. Of course, the dual-layer slot die can also be used as a single-layer slot die.

The fields of application of the new die in the OLBRICH technical center can be defined as follows:

Attribute: Nordson EDI Fixed Lip Slot Die
Lip Gap Adjustment: Fixed Shim

Coating Thickness (min): 10 µm (wet)*

Coating Weight Accuracy: ±1-2 %

Viscosity Range: 1 to 175,000 mPas

Coating Speed: 2.5 to 500 mpm

Coating Width: 500 to 1,050 mm

Operating Temperature: Room temperature

Fluid Types: Solvent- & Water-based, Paints, Lotion, PV Inks, Slurry, Magnetic Media

Coating Application: Non-Contact (Short-Curtain Or Extrusion Mode With Backing Roll)

* down to 1 µm, depending on material and process conditions

More info: +49-2871 -2830, email: [email protected],

(Picture: Process Windows of Slot Dies, Source KIT, Karlsruhe)

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