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9/5/2018 Member News
Taghleef is Making the Difference in Labels with New Top Coated Films

Taghleef is Making the Difference in Labels with New Top Coated Films

PPFB and PPGB are Taghleef’s revolutionary new multi-layer barrier films for industrial labeling applications requiring extreme barrier to staining associated with tire, battery and candle labeling. PPFB has a pearlized appearance while PPGB offers a whiter appearance.

PPFP and PPGP are similar products which meet labeling requirements where extreme barrier properties are not necessary. These films offer a proprietary skin which allows a wide variety of adhesives to anchor to it-even microsphere and ultra-removables!

All four of these films are resistant to PSA hotmelt curling and are derived from the successful Labelexpo Brussels launch of LSG. All films are available in 60 and 65-micron versions. 

Taghleef Industries (Ti), is pleased to announce that they will be attending Labelexpo Americas 2018, the largest event for the label and package printing industry in the region, from September 25 to 27 in Chicago. Located at Booth 920, Ti will be displaying four new voided white top coated films for PSL facestock applications which are a product of Ti’s innovative and rapidly expanding top coating expertise, capabilities and capacity.

In addition to the newest PSL film technology, visitors will see Ti’s unique metallic IML film, Titanium™ LTZ, developed to give high visual impact to the final product with either a mirrored reflective “brilliance” finish, or an eye-catching “gunmetal” matte finish.

In terms of sustainable choices, Ti will be showcasing its SHAPE360TM range of films for shrink label applications. Thanks to their low density these films minimize the impact on PET recycle systems.

Alternatively, visitors can learn more about Ti's NATIVIA® PLA films which are produced from renewable bio-based raw materials. The Taghleef Labels team is ready to discuss all of Ti’s sustainability solutions.

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