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11/8/2018 Member News
Polytype Moves to Expand Service in North America

Polytype Moves to Expand Service in North America

Polytype America, the sales and service arms for Polytype and OMV products is proud to announce that we are currently expanding our technical service staff in North America, adding two service technicians and cross training mechanical with electrical disciplines.

Additionally, together with our global partners and with an eye on Industry 4.0 we are developing sophisticated remote diagnostic tools. These tools will allow us to interact with customers as well as factory experts in “real time”. The technology has the potential to minimize travel time between locations and allow us to quickly analyze faults and failures and deploy remedies immediately by guiding staff through interventions, recognizing worn or faulty parts and even updating and downloading software.
For more information on these exciting developments feel free to reach out to us [email protected].

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