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2/6/2019 Press Release
2019 Bernard Henry AIMCAL-SVC Scholarship Awarded

2019 Bernard Henry AIMCAL-SVC Scholarship Awarded

The 2019 Bernard Henry AIMCAL-SVC Scholarship has been awarded to Alison Fulton. She is pursuing a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Calgary and has personally built and configured a CVD chamber to synthesize silicon nanowires.  “I am so thankful and honoured to have been awarded the “Bernard Henry AIMCAL-SVC Scholarship”. This scholarship enables me to maintain focus on my research and studies with some financial strain being alleviated.”

AIMCAL and the Society of Vacuum Coaters, with participation of many donors, established The Bernard Henry AIMCAL and SVC Scholarship Fund in honor of the late Bernard Henry.  $44,000 has been awarded to date to 12 students from 7 different countries.

Bernard Henry made major contributions to science with his work on flexible gas barrier materials. From 2000, Bernard began work on polymer solar cells where he focused interest on transparent conducting materials like TiO2 and ZnO. Bernard also maintained a very active interest in the thin film barrier field and in 2006 became project manager for the production-scale web coater facility in the Oxford Materials Dept.

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