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3/4/2019 Member News
Daetwyler Expands its Portfolio

Daetwyler Expands its Portfolio

Daetwyler Global Tec Holding AG, recently finalized a deal for 80% ownership of Rotoflex, one of the industry’s top ink manufacturers specializing in inks and coatings for flexible packaging substrates.

It’s an exciting development for your trusted Experts in Ink Transfer Technologies and it also means that you’ll have even more convenience when it comes to end-to-end solutions for maximizing print performance in your operation.
Moreover, as we launch the North American division of the respected ink and coatings manufacturer, we wanted to take an opportunity to introduce you to the head of that new division - Perry Stacks.

Perry is a seasoned print industry veteran with extensive expertise in inks and coatings, especially specialty inks like whites, lacquers, and heat-seal lacquers. He also has considerable experience in blending and batching, print set up to maximize ink performance and usage, and problem-solving for consistent print results.

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