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3/19/2019 Member News
Mack Brooks Names ICE Europe 2019 Award Winners

Mack Brooks Names ICE Europe 2019 Award Winners For Top Converting Technology Developments

Mack Brook Exhibitions, organizer of ICE Europe announced the winners of its 2019 ICE Awards for top converting technological developments, at a special ceremony last Tuesday on the show floor. Honored were JHT GmbH, NEPATA GmbH, Dericks GmbH and OPTIMA life science GmbH & Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH.

Digital Converting Solutions:
JHT GmbH / Germany

JHT Jakobs-Houben Technologie GmbH has been honored for its vacuum-roller-system “VacuFl3X”, an additively manufactured modular system. 3D-Printing revolutionizes roll-manufacturing and R2R-processing. VacuFl3X is a 3D-printed, temperature-controlled vacuum-roller-construction-kit with a stationary and variable vacuum-zone. Special features are the integrated, independently controllable vacuum-lines. The actuation takes place via a frontally contacting, stationary sealing-system, which specifies the wrap angle. This can be varied by a tool-free exchangeable system. The contacting vacuum-zones are adapted substrate-optimized. They are interconnected symmetrically to the web-center. The independently controlled pipe-structures allow on and off switching of the vacuum-zones. As a result, different web-widths can be handled energy efficiently. The fluidly merging and changing cable-cross-sections are aerodynamically optimised. This allows for an evenly and targeted vacuum-build-up across the web-width. The co-rotating vacuum lines are topology-optimised. In addition to resource-saving use of materials, the rigidity results are ≈20% higher. Active-assisted, air-driven separation-zones and optimised vacuum-zone-geometries facilitate the detachment and gentle handling of sensitive materials. Furthermore, they enable contactless web deflection. In addition, the roller is equipped with a temperature-controlled shell.

Sustainable Products and Manufacturing Processes:
NEPATA GmbH Deutschland / Germany

NEPATA GmbH has been honored for its DL1650 film separator, which separates self-adhesive film from its carrier paper, thus making it possible to obtain recyclable, pure PVC from faulty film media. During the production of self-adhesive films, the coating process, waste material is created. Quality and brand manufacturers cannot afford to put films with material defects on the market. Previously, the faulty film rolls required expensive disposal, because bonded plastic and paper cannot be recycled. The Nepata DL1650 film separator is the first machine to perform automatic delamination: it separates a 50-meter roll in about two minutes. The DL1650 separates the layers and winds up PVC film and kraft paper individually. This process is coreless for the film, thereby generating homogeneous material. The film separator was developed in response to a request by a German film manufacturer. There, it is in operation 24 hours a day and is able to produce several thousand tons of pure PVC a year.

Efficient Production Solutions
Derichs GmbH Deutschland / Germany

Derichs GmbH has been honored for its ED touchless-clean, the innovative solution for the inline-cleaning of different roller surfaces. Cleaning roller surfaces is a challenge for many companies. Often executed by hand, it forces production stops and causes high downtime costs. Furthermore, for reasons of safety, many companies are always looking for better solutions. For the ED – TL-clean, Derichs GmbH uses a newly developed, dielectrically impeded plasma (DBD – dielectric barrier discharge). This plasma is pulsed, low in energy (cold) and homogeneous, in contrast to corona plasmas. It develops little to no dangerous species. Nonetheless, the species in the DBD are just as highly reactive and simply build up their debris and pollutants in sustainable compounds such as CO2 and H2O. With a specially designed device mounted at the non-film wrapped part of the roller, this system can be used continuously. Equipped with appropriate sensors, contamination can be monitored, and plasma action and working time can be controlled. The ED-TL-clean minimises downtime costs and optimises workplace safety.

Specialty Film Innovations
OPTIMA life science GmbH & Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH / Germany

The OPTIMA life science GmbH and the Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH have been honored for their jointly developed COMEDCO machine, which assists pharmaceutical companies with their start in the manufacturing and packaging process of transdermal dressings and oral dispersible films. The production of transdermal dressings and ODF products starts with the coating process, where the substance is applied to the carrier material by the COMEDCO machine. Depending on the product, a certain drying time has to be considered, which takes place within the machine. Subsequently, the carrier material with the applied substance is cut and rolled up into individual rolls. The packaging process is completed in the second part of the COMEDCO machine. In this part of the machine, existing (product depending) carrier material can be removed and new carrier material introduced, film can be cut to a defined size, separated and reunited on a carrier film and finally be packaged.

(copied from the Converting Quarterly website)

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