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6/11/2019 Member News
For more safety and efficiency: The new DS 8 easy change – for a tool-free knife change – and the digital analysis tool TEOC – ”The End Of Coincidences“

For more safety and efficiency: The new DS 8 easy change – for a tool-free knife change – and the digital analysis tool TEOC – ”The End Of Coincidences“

DIENES has been the market leader for industrial straight and circular knives, knife holders and slitting systems. DIENES products are especially used in the paper sector, e.g. for slitter-winders, e.g. two-drum winders and single-drum winders, cross cutters and double slitters as well as cut-size machines for multi-ply paper up to approx. 800g.

At Zellcheming, DIENES will present the various slitting tools for the paper industry and provide information about its own nationwide regrinding service. Precise regrinding is particularly important for the longevity and further cutting quality of the knife.

DIENES customers pay particular attention to minimizing set-up times, high cutting edge quality and increased safety when handling slitting tools during industrial cutting. DIENES has responded to these customer requirements with its latest development:

The shear cut knife holder DS 8 is now available with "Depth Control" and with the DIENES "easy-change", which enables tool-free knife changes. With "Depth Control", the overlap depth can be precisely adjusted, thus enabling clean and perfect cutting edges:

This is how "Depth Control" works - the patented depth adjustment from DIENES:

While other knife holders have a scale ring for adjustment, but for which you need to know how large the diameter of the knife is, a sensor automatically registers the knife diameter on this knife holder. To adjust the overlap depth, simply activate the button on the front of the electronics housing. Two red and green LEDs tell the operator in which direction to turn the adjusting nut for manual depth adjustment. The sensory detection is carried out without touching the cutting edge of the knife. It makes no difference whether new or new reground knives with a smaller diameter are used.
When a red LED lights up, the operator turns the adjusting nut in the direction indicated by the arrow.
If the green diode mounted centrally on the electronics housing lights up, the optimum immersion depth has been reached. 
DS 8 with DIENES „easy-change“– tool-free knife change

DIENES has developed the shear cut knife holder DS 8 for industrial slitting, which enables tool-free knife replacement. This new and patented system of knife change contributes considerably to the work and process reliability in the company and reduces the set-up time to a fraction of the previous system, the tool-related knife change.

And that is how easy it is to replace the knife on the DS 8 knife holder:
The knife can be easily removed and replaced by unlocking the safety clip and removing the “easy change” ring nut. The ring nut is then screwed back onto the knife holder until the safety clip engages in its fixing position and the ring nut is thus secured against rotation. Due to the well-known locking pin, the knife head is additionally secured against twisting, and the turning movement automatically engages the safety clip.

The advantages at a glance:

Knife head for tool-free knife change, thus: shorter set-up times, positive locking of the ring nut (easy change), screws and tools cannot fall into the machine (as possible with conventional systems)
with locking pin to prevent the knife carrier from twisting when changing knives (reduces the risk of accidents)
high safety standard thanks to 360° safety hand protection (DBGM) 
The digital analysis tool TEOC – ”The End Of Coincidences“

TEOC is an analysis tool to digitally capture and optimize slitting processes. Data from the slitting process is collected and analyzed. You will be able to make predictive forecasts, reduce machine downtime and increase productivity. Coincidence will thus come to an end. 

TEOC will be offering its customers tailor-made analyses from the fourth quarter of 2019 in order to increase running performance. Limit values and average values will be displayed, notifications sent, interrelations aggregated and forecasts made.

The use of a platform will be independent of the location of the slitting systems. The communication of the systems with TEOC will be based on current, standardised and encrypted protocols. On request, TEOC can also be offered locally with an optimised scope of services.

In detail, the customer will achieve through TEOC lower production costs, higher product quality and increased slitting know-how. TEOC will provide versatile support throughout the entire operation, help the machine operator operate the system and enable predictive maintenance.

DIENES is pleased to present these new developments at Zellcheming. The fair in Frankfurt offers a good setting to present the knife holder DS 8 with tool-free knife change and "Depth Control", as well as the analysis tool TEOC. Visit us at booth H21 in hall 4.1.

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