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11/5/2019 Member News
Buschman Introduces World’s First Metering Rod Quality Certification Program

Buschman Introduces World’s First Metering Rod Quality Certification Program

Buschman, one of the world’s leading manufacturer of metering rods for applying coatings to paper and other surfaces, has developed the industry’s first and only process for certifying the quality of its grooved metering rods.

Buschman has a long-standing reputation for creating metering solutions of exceptional precision. Paper mills and converting plants around the world trust Buschman products to meet their exact coating specifications.

The Critical Importance of Metering Rod Accuracy 
Buschman’s new quality certification program certifies that every Buschman grooved metering rod is guaranteed accurate and true to size. Accurate metering rods deliver important money-saving advantages, including less scrap, less downtime, reduced overhead, and minimal variations in coat weight.

“Even the smallest metering rod imperfection can cost thousands of dollars in wasted time, money and reputation,” explained Ross DeFelice, President. “Our new certification program assures our customers that Buschman grooved coating rods are the highest quality in the world.”

More than 30 Quality Checks 
Buschman developed its exclusive certification process based on decades of rod manufacturing experience. A video on the Buschman website details the process.

Every Buschman coating rod undergoes more than 30 quality checks during production. Certification steps include stamping each rod with a unique serial number and using digital scans of every order to measure thread size and shape at sub-nanometer resolution. Each rod shipment includes a certificate of quality.

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