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AIMCAL Web Handling Committee Returns

AIMCAL Web Handling Committee Returns

After a two-year merger with the Web Coating Committee, AIMCAL is excited to announce the return of the Web Handling Committee. Joe Connelly, product mgr.-Winding and Slitting at Parkinson Technologies, will chair the committee along with Neal Michal, principal of Converting Expert LLC, as the co-chair. AIMCAL is pleased to welcome Joe with his wealth of industry experience.

The growing popularity of the topic and its technology demands that we bring back the Web Handling Committee to work with our Web Coating Committee members. This renewed emphasis will bring the best attendees at the AIMCAL R2R events in Valencia, Spain, and Orlando, FL, in 2020.

As you know web handling is a broad topic that has many applications to your processes. The Web Handling Committee will be asking for technical papers on the following topics:

• Web manufacturing and converting
• Wrinkles and wrinkle prevention 
        Real-world webs: camber, curl, lay-flat
• Winding machinery: tension, nip and torque 
        Wound-roll mechanics, delivered roll quality
• Rollers, idlers, spreaders, nips, coatings, and traction 
        Nip rollers, covers, deflection, load share 
        Laminators and calenders
• Unwind equipment, brakes, center versus surface driven
• Accumulators and festoons: controls and dynamics
• Web-slitting technology
• Web-guiding and sensors
• Drives for web handling – draw, tension and torque 
        Dancers, load cells and dynamics 
        Calculate or measure diameter
• Web physical properties – Modulus, Poisson, COF

To secure a full track, we need 12 great technical papers for each of the two R2R programs next year. Please consider submitting a presentation at an upcoming R2R event.

Among other learning opportunities:
• The Web Handling Committee will continue to provide regular Blogs by Dr. David R. Roisum and Clarence Klassen.
• AIMCAL’s Converting School will include web-handling courses in spring and fall 2020.
• Members should watch for new content on AIMCAL TV.
• Members may ask questions of the Web Handling committee experts through Ask AIMCAL on the website.

If you wish to join the committee, please contact Joe ConnellyNeal Michal or Tim Janes.

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