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12/10/2019 Member News
Mahlo America, Inc. Installs New Solid-State Near-Infrared Absorption Sensor on Pilot Line

Mahlo America, Inc. Installs New Solid-State Near-Infrared Absorption Sensor on Pilot Line

Mahlo America, Inc. specializes in the on-line quality measurement of flat web products, from nonwovens, plastics and paper to carpet and textiles. With a complete suite of sensor technologies and an active sensor R&D department, Mahlo can offer the best sensor for almost any measurement application of basis-weight, thickness, coat-weight, moisture, or air permeability. This includes the most modern non-nuclear sensor technology on the market today.

With Mahlo’s recent release of the IMF-15, the industry’s most advanced Solid-State Near-Infrared (NIR) Absorption sensor that utilizes modern Avalanche Photodetectors for 100x more measurement sensitivity, eliminating temperature sensitivity, and replacing the old spinning filter wheel hardware with modern fiber optics; Mahlo America, Inc. announces this IMF-15 NIR absorption sensor is now installed on their Pilot Line in Spartanburg, SC. Prospective customers can now evaluate this NIR sensor with their product samples in either static (cut samples) or dynamic (roll) form.

The IMF-15 NIR sensor is most commonly used to measure, moisture, and basis weight of polymers (PP, PE, PET, etc.), cellulose, and binders or other organics. Multiple measurements can be made simultaneously in either reflective (single-sided) or transmission (two-sided) modes. Applications exist in non-woven, paper, and extruded plastics complete with Auto Profile Control (APC).

Since the investment in the Spartanburg Pilot Line, Mahlo has offered prospective customers the opportunity to run their product roll or sheet/board samples on the very gauge they are considering for investment. Other sensors on this pilot line include beta transmission, laser caliper, and x-ray transmission. Gone are the days of a leap-of-faith gauge purchase or taking the word of a reference customer. Potential customers can trial run their products and take back high-resolution measurement data for comparison and correlation to their own testing lab.
Mahlo uses the performance confirmation these sample runs provide to offer written, money-back performance guarantees on subsequent proposals.

Watch a video on the Pilot Line to learn more about it.

To inquire about a gauge from Mahlo or to schedule a run on the Pilot Line and the new IMF-15 NIR sensor, call Mahlo America, Inc. at 864-576-6288 or email [email protected].

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